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Is Ceramic Coating Better Than Wax?

In the automotive detailing world, a question often asked is: “Is ceramic coating better than wax?” As people who love and own cars look for the greatest safeguarding of their vehicles, it becomes very important to comprehend the contrasts between these two widely-used choices. At CarDetox, we are here to clarify this subject with our […]

How to Find the Best Ceramic Coating Installer Near Me

Your car is not only a method of getting around but also an expression of your style and an important investment. To keep the look and worth of your vehicle, it’s crucial to protect its paint. Ceramic coating has become a frequently chosen answer for protecting paint over time. But, locating a dependable ceramic coating […]

How long does ceramic coating take to cure?


Have you ever gotten your car ceramic coated and wondered how long you’d have to wait before hitting the road? Ceramic coating curing time is crucial to get those glossy, protective benefits, but the wait can feel like an eternity. What factors determine the curing timeframe? Is there any way to speed it up? How […]

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