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Smoke Smell Removal in Tualatin

Don’t let smoke odors diminish your vehicle’s value or enjoyment. Our smoke smell removal add-on uses deodorizing solutions and ozone treatment to eliminate smoke smells completely.

Removing Smoke Smell from you car services in tualatin

Removing Smoke Smells From Your Car

If your previous owner smoked in your vehicle, you know how stubborn and unpleasant long-lasting smoke odors can be. Even after vacuuming and surface cleaning, that musty, smoky smell may persist, making your ride less enjoyable and potentially reducing the resale value of your vehicle. 

Our smoke odor removal add-on service is designed to eliminate even the most deeply ingrained smoke odors from your car’s interior. We use specialized equipment and techniques to completely neutralize and remove smoke particles, residues, and odors from every corner of your vehicle.

Professional SMOKE SMELL REMOVAL Service

Trusted Car Detailing Company in Tualatin

To keep your car shining, we also provide exterior and interior detailing packages, in addition to our specialty add-on for pet hair removal from vehicles. 

Beyond merely giving your car’s inside a thorough cleaning and removing pet hair, we also offer interior detailing services. We will restore your interior to like-new condition, performing everything from surface cleaning and vacuuming to shampooing and conditioning your leather upholstery. 

To restore your vehicle’s showroom luster, pair this with our exterior detailing services, which include thorough washing, waxing, paint correction, and protective coatings. 

Our full detailing packages comprise interior and exterior services, leaving no surface unattended for customers looking for the ultimate in-car pampering. Make an appointment for your exterior, interior, and complete detailing services right now

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Wonderful people who did an absolutely awesome job on detailing our car.
Our car had sat for a while and at one point had mice in it and they were able
to get the smell out. They went
above and beyond
with cleaning, the car looks so much better!
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Hannah Drake
Angel and Jeannette are true magicians when it comes to car detailing! They turned our dirty truck into a fresh, shiny, like-new vehicle! Car Detox truly lives up to its name. And the personal, friendly, and professional attention they gave my husband and I as customers is unparalleled.
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Raquel Muller
I had never brought a car in for detailing before. My daughters bought me a detailing package for my Mazda
3 as a gift. Car Detox did an
absolutely fantastic job. I don't think it has looked this good
since it was brand
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John K


Yes, our solutions and techniques are safe for all interior materials, including leather and delicate fabrics.

The entire process typically takes 2-3 hours, depending on the severity of the smoke odors.

Yes, we recommend pre-booking this service to ensure availability and efficient scheduling.

Discounts are available when combining the smoke smell removal add-on with our detailing packages.

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