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Mobile Car Wash Service in Portland

Tired of spending your weekends at the car wash? Say goodbye to wasted time and effort with our mobile car wash service, bringing professional mobile car cleaning right to your doorstep

Mobile Car Wash

Benefits of Getting a Car Wash

  • Protecting Your Paint Job
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Personal Pride and Well-Being
  • Maintaining Your Car’s Resale Value
  • Easy Way To Do Preventative Maintenance

Your car can come into contact with a lot of foul things like dirt, debris, bugs and other animals, and grime. If you don’t get it properly cleaned, all of those things can start to eat away at your car’s paint and ruin its finish. In the worst case, they could even damage the metal underneath. Car Detox’s car wash services and mobile car detailing portland can eliminate that problem.

Our Services

  • Mobile Car Wash
  • Car Detox
  • Cargo Vans Detox
  • Cleaning Maintenance

Our car detox service focuses on deep cleaning your vehicle inside and out, with a special element that adds paint protection. This can be done in a mobile setting, or at our shop. The Cargo Vans Detox service can be done at our shop and focuses on deep cleaning your cargo van inside and out, and includes paint protection. The Cleaning Maintenance for previous customers can be done on a mobile setting.

If you want our auto mobile detailing Services and what they can do for your car or van, get in touch with Car Detox today.

Mobile Car Wash
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